About the company

Oknotechnika is a family business which has been active in the construction market since 1997. That year we took our first steps in this sector of the industry as an enterprise specialising in the installation and manufacture of windows.

The company's core activity is installation and technical maintenance of woodwork. Our long-standing presence on the market, numerous certificates and references make us a trustworthy and professional business partner. The experienced gained in the sector and the dynamic growth of the construction market in Poland have contributed to the company's quick development and its operational expansion to European markets in 2007. Since then, we have been implementing various investments in countries such as France, Germany, Sweden and Great Britain.

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Our main objective is the supply of the highest quality products and services in the process of executing construction contracts, and in particular in regard to installation of woodwork, windows, window frames, façades, window blinds and garage doors. We operate based on the best building systems available. The success of the company is dependent on its personnel, and we are proud of the expertise of our management and the dynamism and knowledge of our employees.

We are also proud of the fact that our clients confirm that the work is performed thoroughly and in a timely manner. We cooperate with woodwork producers both in Poland and abroad.

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Okonotechnika has long-standing experience in installing products such as:





Winter gardens

Window blinds

Garage doors

We understand the needs of our clients so that we can meet them fully. An essential factor influencing the correct use and functioning of the product is its appropriate installation. Even the best-quality window will not fulfil its function if it was fitted incorrectly. Our team of installers, thanks to training and ongoingquality control of the work performed provide installation services of superior quality.


We can repair
any window

Are you experiencing problems with a window which does not close fully or is difficult to open?
Please contact us - we are happy to help!

Technical service

We provide post-warranty technical service of windows and doors. Servicing includes:



Replacement of damaged insulating glass units, removal of damage after break-ins.


Removal of all irregularities in the functioning of windows, adjustment, repair and replacement of window fittings.


Replacement of windows to burglar-proof windows, tilt & turn windows, and changing the opening direction of windows.

Installation of accessories

Window opening limiters, handle brakes and friction brakes, lockable window handles, window ventilators, anti-burglary protection.

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Completed projects

Take a look at some of our completed projects:

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Polska Headquarter

Aleksandria Pierwsza
ul. Zielona 8
42-274 Konopiska

  • +48 503 503 163
  • oknotechnika@mail.com

Polska Branch in


  • +48 531 505 155
  • warszawa@mail.com

Great Britain Branch in

  • +44 7895 34 5335
  • biuro@oknotechnika.pl

France Branch in

  • +33 778 322359
  • uk@oknotechnika.pl